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What Is ChurchWhat Is ChurchPastor Vic Van Schaik, Jul 18, 2018
Bless Me IndeedBless Me IndeedElder Rodney Grissom, Jul 7, 2018
Should Position Effect DispositionShould Position Effect DispositionPastor Dwight Kruger, Jun 23, 2018
ItIt's A Heart IssuePastor Dwight Kruger, Jun 16, 2018
A Microscopic ViewA Microscopic ViewPastor Dwight Kruger, Jun 2, 2018
The MasterThe Master's PlanPastor Dwight Kruger, May 26, 2018
Tag - YouTag - You're ITRaeann Long, May 19, 2018
Make ContactMake ContactPastor Dwight Kruger, May 12, 2018
Are You in LoveAre You in LovePastor Dwight Kruger, May 5, 2018
Harmony with GodHarmony with GodPastor Dwight Kruger, Apr 28, 2018
What Do Followers FollowWhat Do Followers FollowElder Ed Ziesmer, Apr 21, 2018
Glory to GodGlory to GodPastor Dwight Kruger, Apr 14, 2018
Last Day-Last NightLast Day-Last NightPastor Dwight Kruger, Apr 7, 2018
The Missing LinkThe Missing LinkPastor Dwight Kruger, Mar 24, 2018
Waiting Until I Feel Like ItWaiting Until I Feel Like ItElder Ed Ziesmer, Mar 17, 2018
If Only DelemmaIf Only DelemmaPastor Dwight Kruger, Mar 17, 2018
The Door of OpportunityThe Door of OpportunityPastor Dewight Kruger, Mar 3, 2018
A Royal WeddingA Royal WeddingPastor Dwight Kruger, Feb 24, 2018
The Heart of a ChampionThe Heart of a ChampionPastor Dwight Kruger, Feb 3, 2018
A Hill to Die OnA Hill to Die OnPastor Dwight Kruger, Jan 27, 2018
The Rich Rewards of PrayerThe Rich Rewards of PrayerElder Dean Cooper, Jan 27, 2018
Get On BoardGet On BoardPastor Dwight Kruger, Jan 13, 2018